Rachel DuVall

The‘Off theGrid’series was created whileDuVall wasArtist isResidenceat the Josef and Anni Albers foundation in 2020.Theresulting six work seriesalong with two newlarge-scalepiecesrepresent a new direction intheartist’swork, reflected byimplementing different hand-weaving techniques assheinvestigates more open weave structures such as Leno, Brook’sBouquet, and Weft Floats, which are then layeredover paintedlinen. The windows created by these open weave structuresinteract with the painted color fields behind the weavingsthemselves to blurthe optical relationship between thread,color, and canvas. Each piece uniquely explores thisrelationship and presents thesubtle differences that becomevisible throughthe repetition: regularity highlighting theirregular